Ladies in the Moscow Open

Anna Muzychuk accepts her award at the Moscow Open. Photo Gerald Morton

The 17-year-old Slovenian IM Anna Muzychuk won the strong Ladies Open, held concurrently with the Moscow Open (February 2-10.) My friend IM Irina Krush played in it and had a somewhat disappointing result, mostly due to a last round loss.

Separate women’s events like the Moscow Ladies are controversial for good reason. Muzychuk and Krush are definitely at a high enough level to hold their own against anyone in the Open section, where they would have a chance to earn GM norms. I have mixed feelings about this argument. I know Irina is closing in on her GM title and expect her to get it within a few years, but she plays in tons of tournaments with norm tournaments. Being one of the highest seeds and having pressure to come in one of the very top spots is not such a bad thing.

Can you see how Anna finished off in the position below? Post your answer in the comments section.

White to Move

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