RZA and 9 Queens

June 3, 2008

It’s official: RZA and WuChess will participate in the 9 Queens WuChess Fest on June 17th at the Hotel Congress! From 4-7 pm, the 9 Queens WuChess Fest will feature free activities for chess players and music fans of all ages and abilities including:

  • Speed chess tournament
  • Free chess lessons and puzzles
  • Face painting
  • Prizes, exhibitions and games

The 9 Queens WuChess Fest is the second free chess festival hosted by 9 Queens and the Hotel Congress as part of their campaign to promote chess in downtown Tucson. For more information on the 9 Queens WuChess Fest or to pre-register for the speed chess tournament email Jean Hoffman at jhoffman@9queens.org. Visit www.wuchess.com to create your own WuChess account.


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  1. sam says:

    this looks great, well done getting bobby digi to come out. sorry to miss it but good luck to all comers!

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