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May 19, 2009

Tonight at 9 EST a local public school in Charlotte will be broadcast on cable news channel 14 (  I was interviewed and the kids (kindergartners!) were videoed playing and learning chess!  The story is about chess growing nationally, which I think is absolutely true.  And there are more girls playing these days as well.

Girls Academy was a lot of fun, and upon noticing that some of the girls were being reserved and answering questions really quietly, one of the parents suggested we all go outside and yell CHESSSSSSS really really loud.  It was great!  I think it helped the girls loosen up and feel more comfortable in the group.  We studied middle game positions, what to do after the opening, and looked at several tactics involving Forcing Moves (checks, threats and captures).  (The see-saw, Damiano’s mate…)

Also there’s a chess tournament this Saturday at one of the schools I teach at:  Myers Park Traditional Elementary.  A great start for beginners (rookie section) and a challenge for advanced players (championship section).  See below for more details, or email me!

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  1. marjorie hyde says:

    It would be great if some one could contact me. We are looking to improve our chess program at providence day schools extended day program. We have been following your chess program and would like your input. Thank you

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