Judit Polgar and an upcoming chess workbook

June 20, 2009

A Lesson from Judit Polgar

As Jean mentioned in the last blog post, I taught the advanced group at the last Queens’ Academy about decoys. Below is my all-time favorite example of a decoy (actually a double-decoy!) from a game played between GM Yasser Seirawan (white) and GM Judit Polgar (black). Here is the position with black to move:

Judit sets up her trap with the move Nf3+, which forces the king to f2 (if Kh1, Qxh2++). Next, she plays Qxh2+, using the knight that is still on f3 as a decoy. White must play Kxf3 because if Kf1, black has the subtle Bh3++. After the mandatory Kxf3, the players reach the following position:

White seems to be out of danger, but not so fast. Judit whips out the double exclamation mark move (the second decoy) Bg4+!!, after which white has no response but Kxg4. Judit finishes it off with Qh5++.

This game is an excellent illustration of the concept of the decoy–luring one of your opponent’s pieces (in this case white’s king) to a bad square, and then taking advantage of it (in this case by checkmating white’s king). Hope you enjoyed it!


Coming Soon

If you’d like to see more tactics like this from world-class female players, you’re in luck! We are putting together a workbook highlighting the lives and games of some of the best female chess players in the world, including Judit Polgar, Humpy Koneru, and Alexandra Kosteniuk. More information about how to get a workbook will be available soon!

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8 Responses

  1. Jessica Martin says:

    I’m super excited to see the workbook! P.S. I think you mean 2…Qxh2, not takes on f2. Very cool puzzle! Are you going to use the books with the Academy girls only, or boys too?

  2. Jean Hoffman jhoffman says:

    Hi Jessica! The book will be available for everyone. It is going to be a collection of puzzles from famous female chess players and will feature short bios of 9 chess queens!

  3. David MacEnulty says:

    This looks fabulous. How can I get copies?

  4. Jean Hoffman jhoffman says:

    Thanks David! The workbook will be available in October. Email jhoffman@9queens.org for more information.

  5. jwallace says:

    Thanks, Jessica…I fixed the mistake =)

  6. jennifershahade.com » Brave Iranian Women says:

    […] for material for an upcoming 9queens workbook filled with the combination of top women players. You can read a little more about the workbook here. Here’s a puzzle from one of Shadi’s games. I will publish the answer as a comment to […]

  7. Alexey Root says:

    You may want to fix the typos here: Bg5+!!, after which white has no response but Kxg5
    Should be instead: Bg4+!!, after which white has no response but Kxg4

    Good luck with the workbook! Sounds exciting.

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