September Family Chess Night @ Bookmans on Speedway

August 27, 2011

September Chess Puzzle by Paul Morphy
created in 1848

Can you solve the puzzle to mate in two moves? White to move.

paul morphy puzzle

Bring your puzzle solution to Bookman’s on Speedway Family Chess Night 6:30-8:30 (First Wednesday of every month)–this month Wednesday September 7–and win a free prize. The whole family, new and experienced players are all invited to join us to play chess.

Paul Morphy and Robert James Fischer
America’s World Chess Champions

Paul Morphy  and Bobby Fischer are the only Americans to be the world’s best chess players–Morphy in the late 19th century and Fischer in the 20th century (1972).

Bobby Fischer 1960

Fischer had said that Morphy and the Cuban Champion, Jose Capablanca, were the chess players he most admired. He preferred their styles to all others– Morphy’s accuracy, Capablanca’s “light touch”—and acknowledged their brilliant natural talents.

Morphy and Lowenthal in 1858

Morphy, born in New Orleans in 1837 was an early chess prodigy, learning and mastering the game by watching his father and uncle play. By the time he was 12 years old he had defeated the Hungarian chess master Johann Lowenthal in a match of three games (pictured above). By 1859 he was considered the World Champion after a triumphant chess tour in Europe. He died in 1884.

This month’s chess puzzle is said to be the only puzzle that Morphy created, composed when he was eleven years old.

More about these great American champions in puzzles to come.


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YouTube interviews: Bobby Fischer Tells You Why Chess is Boring and Tells You His Favorite Players, Last Interview Part 5

Fischer photo: Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-76052-0335,_Schacholympiade,_Tal_(UdSSR)_gegen_Fischer_(USA).jpg

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  1. Jean Hoffman jhoffman says:

    Love this puzzle and this blog post. I can’t believe Morphy was only 11 years old when he created it!

  2. Rich Kasa says:

    Very nice, few pieces and such an artistic finish!

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