9 Queens: Empowerment through Chess

9 Queens is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities through chess by making the game fun, exciting, and accessible.

Player Spotlight


Varga Luna

(playing for 4 years)

“I became interested in chess when I was about four. I like chess bc you get to have fun and learn some things. You get to be more patient. You get to focus and concentrate. ”

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Congratulations to 9 Queens Co-Founder Jean Hoffman! via Chess Life Online

Congratulations to 9 Queens Co-Founder Jean Hoffman on her new position as Executive Director of USCF!   The US Chess Scoop goes to Parsippany for the 2014 US Amateur Team East, also known as the World Amateur team. Among the interviewees were new Executive Director Jean Hoffman, young SM Joshua Colas & Elizabeth Spiegel of […]

9 Queens Co-Founder Jennifer Shahade on Understanding Chess Mastery

Jennifer’s TedX 2014 Talk can be viewed here:  


Kristi’s Kids Making Movings on the Chess Board

Do you have a child who won’t sit still? A boy who can’t focus or a girl, who’s easily distracted? Well it turns out an ancient board game can help.
There’s a unique organization right here in Tucson promoting the game of chess.


GEEK DAD: Your Chance to Play Like a Girl

For beginners, chess is a game that centers around preserving a decidedly female piece.


Chess takes over Hotel Congress

Annual event puts spotlight on the game and it’s many benefits


In Tucson, Women and Girls Find a Place at the Chessboard

“It was good enough for Marcel, so perhaps it was good for me,”


A Gender Divide in The Ultimate Sport of the Mind

Sean Phillips of NPR discusses the gender divide in Chess.


10 Glass Ceilings Yet To Be Shattered

“I’m seeing more girls playing chess than 10 years ago….”


Crowning Queens at Chess Fest

Say “checkmate” to chess royalty this Cinco de Mayo at the fifth annual Chess Fest.


Catching Up With… RZA

Chess Player RZA sits down with Paste Magazine


WuChess Fest good for the whole clan

RZA believes chess is key in helping youth learn how to think before acting.


Jen on ChessFest and Queens vs. Rooks

In fact, in Tucson, it seemed an opposite slogan was in the air, “Everyone Loves Chess.”


The Kids who would be Kings

Tucsonan’s goal: Make children better thinkers through chess