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Harry and the Potters LIVE in Tucson

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Join 9 Queens, Bookmans, Mrs. Tiggy Winkles Toys, and the Pima County Public Library on June 11 at the Hotel Congress for a live concert from Harry and the Potters and wizard chess on a life-size board! All events are free and part of the Second Saturdays Series in Downtown Tucson.

May Family Chess Night

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Join us on Wednesday, May 4 from 7-9 pm for another free family chess night at Bookmans on Speedway and Wilmot. There will be pick up games, lessons, and prizes for anyone who can solve the puzzle of the month. This month’s puzzle is called the “Gentle Bishop” puzzle. The object is to place 14 bishops on the board at the same time so that no two bishops attack each other. Bring the solution on Wednesday and win a prize!

Family Chess Knight at Bookmans

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Next Wednesday, March 2 from 7-9 is Family Chess Night at Bookmans on Speedway and Wilmot. Come by for pick up games, free chess lessons, and prizes. This month’s puzzle is called “Knight’s Tour” in which the object is to move a knight, starting from any square on a chessboard, to every other square, landing on each square only once. Come by with a solution and win a gift certificate from Bookmans! As always beginners welcome! For more information email

Chess Fest 2011

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Save the date for the next Chess Fest on April 2 from 2-5 at the Hotel Congress. This year’s theme is Through the Looking Glass and will feature two-time American Women’s Chess Champion Jennifer Shahade as the the Red Queen. More info to come!

Family Chess Night at Bookmans- Off the rook

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We are so excited to announce the launch of Family Chess Nights at Bookmans on Speedway and Wilmot. Join us Wednesday , February 2nd from 7-9 for pick-up games, free chess lessons, puzzles and prizes. This event is perfect for everyone- from seasoned chess pros to complete beginners there will be fun and activities for all!

February Puzzle of the Month

Off the Rook

Here is the challenge: place 8 rooks on the board so that they are attacking every square on the board except the four center squares (d4,d5,e4,e5). Anyone who can solve the puzzle of the month- “Off the Rook” will win a 9 Queens t-shirt and gift certificate from Bookmans.

*Adampted from Jeff Coakley’s  “Winning Chess Skills Puzzles for Kids Vol 2″

9 Queens: Empowerment through Chess

9 Queens is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities through chess by making the game fun, exciting, and accessible.

Player Spotlight


Varga Luna

(playing for 4 years)

“I became interested in chess when I was about four. I like chess bc you get to have fun and learn some things. You get to be more patient. You get to focus and concentrate. ”