9 Queens After-School Program

The 9 Queens After-School Program provides students from low-income, public schools with the opportunity to play chess and participate in an engaging after-school activity. 9 Queens offers a weekly, two-hour, after-school chess club at no cost to the students. Students of all ages and ability are eligible to join the club, where they can experience the benefits of chess and quality after-school programs.

In January of 2008, Jean Hoffman launched the 9 Queens After-School Chess Program at Roskruge Bilingual Middle Magnet and Elementary School, a Title I, bilingual school in Tucson, Arizona (86 percent of the students at Roskruge qualify for the free and reduced lunch program). Curently 9 Queens offers after school programs at Roskruge, Johnson Elementary School, City High School, and Tully Elementary School. For more information on our after-school program email jhoffman@9queens.org.